‘PLP’ is back on Apex Legends
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‘PLP’ is back on Apex Legends

Do you know who is back in Apex Legends? “PLP” is the new player that Spacestation Gaming has signed, and he’s making a big splash. Come with me as I get into the specifics of this exciting comeback.

Spacestation Gaming Is Back in Apex Legends

Spacestation Gaming is coming back to the Apex Legends scene with a bang after a break. They’ve officially announced the signing of a new squad, ‘PLP,’ featuring skilled players Joseph “Frexs” Sanchez, Brody “Xynew” Geissler, and Josue “Phony” Ruiz. And hey, they’re not hitting the battlefield alone – coach Daniel “Dan” Barbour is joining the crew too.

This move is making waves because it’s the first time in the last 18 months that a major organization, who took a timeout from Apex, is deciding to jump back into the esports action. Spacestation Gaming had stepped away from Apex Legends esports back in February 2023, citing concerns about how the money was being shared.

Even though they’re not officially teamed up with ALGS (Apex Legends Global Series) right now, this news suggests that the changes in the program are enticing enough to bring back major teams like Spacestation Gaming, who hope to grab a partnered spot down the line.

Meet the New Spacestation Gaming Apex Roster

For fans of Spacestation Gaming, there’s a familiar face in the new lineup. Frexs, who represented SSG for nearly two years, is back in action. He played a crucial role in achieving some impressive results during his time with the team, and now, he’s all set to aim for success once again.

But that’s not all – Frexs is teaming up with his longtime gaming buddy, Phonyhead. These two first joined forces in March 2023 with FaZe Clan. Their partnership proved to be a winning formula, helping FaZe secure two top-six finishes at the LAN events last year.

Spacestation Gaming’s Previous Exit and Their Return

Back in February 2023, Spacestation Gaming bid farewell to Apex Legends esports, expressing concerns about how the revenue was shared. It was a move that surprised many in the gaming community. Fast forward to today, and they’re back in the game. The decision to return hints at the positive changes. And then, there’s SLOT GACOR TERBARU potential allure of the revamped ALGS program.

While they might not be an official ALGS partnered team right now, Spacestation Gaming’s comeback sets a hopeful tone. It suggests that the appeal of the revitalized program might just be enough to bring teams back into the ALGS fold, with dreams of earning a partnered spot in the future.

Looking Ahead: The Comeback Journey to Apex Legends

With the new roster and a seasoned coach, Spacestation Gaming is gearing up for a fresh journey in Apex Legends. The comeback sparks excitement among fans, and there’s anticipation about how the team will perform in the competitive landscape.

As Spacestation Gaming re-enters the Apex Legends arena, the gaming community eagerly awaits their matches. It expecting nothing short of thrilling plays and strategic brilliance. It’s a comeback story worth following, and fans are ready to cheer on Spacestation Gaming as they embark on this new chapter in the world of Apex Legends esports. Get ready for action, space fans – SSG is back!