Rottweiler Mauling Prompts Stray Dog Crackdown in China
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Rottweiler Mauling Prompts Stray Dog Crackdown in China

Rottweiler Mauling Prompts Stray Dog Crackdown. A distressing video of a Rottweiler attacking a 2-year-old girl in China has spurred local authorities to clamp down on stray dogs. However, the response has ignited controversy as netizens report harsh actions, including putting down strays.

Overreaching Reaction

The initial swift response to the Rottweiler attack earned authorities praise, but things took a turn as stories of heavy-handed measures emerged. People criticized the new directive, which targets large, unleashed dogs, as an overreaction and a reflection of China’s ongoing challenges with animal rights and welfare.

A user on Chinese social media platform Weibo decried the sweeping approach, arguing that it was unfair to punish all large dogs based on one dog’s actions.

Horrific Rottweiler Attack

The alarming incident took place on October 16 in Chongzhou, Sichuan. The video captured a 2-year-old girl and her mother leaving a residential complex when a large black Rottweiler immediately chased and attacked the child.

Despite the mother’s efforts to protect her daughter and the assistance of a passerby with a broom, the dog continued the assault. It was only when a man intervened with a wooden stick that the Rottweiler was chased away. Sadly, the child sustained severe injuries, including a ruptured kidney, fractured ribs, and bite marks.

The authorities apprehended the Rottweiler and detained its owner.

Widespread Dog Crackdown

The incident triggered law enforcement responses across several provinces. These actions aimed primarily at rounding up stray dogs but also extended to unleashed pets. They included heightened patrols and fines for owners who failed to leash their dogs. In some areas, like Yanzhou in Shandong, authorities even announced plans to hunt down and euthanize “mad dogs.”

China is home to approximately 40 million stray dogs, and previous outbreaks of rabies have prompted culling efforts.

Outrage Over Extreme Measures

One particular case that evoked public outrage involved a small stray dog known as “Xiao Huang” or “Little Yellow.” Security personnel at a university campus in Chongqing captured the dog in a net and beat it to death.

Similarly, a situation in Shanghai, where police officers took away an elderly German Shepherd, caused consternation as the dog was considered harmless. Authorities claimed they acted in response to neighbors’ complaints about an aggressive dog.

History of Heavy-Handedness

Rottweiler Mauling Prompts Stray Dog. This incident is not an isolated one. Chinese authorities have previously faced criticism for their treatment of animals. During the COVID-19 pandemic, pet owners reported their dogs being beaten to death during quarantine, leading to public outcry.

While some have commended the authorities for taking action, most are warning against excessive measures. Celebrities and animal advocates are joining the call for better understanding and compassion.

Chinese actress and singer Cya Liu, for instance, emphasized the need to stop the killing and pointed out that not all stray dogs are dangerous. The Bo Ai Animal Protection Centre Of Guangyuan in Sichuan urged China to use its development to promote social responsibility and respect for animals.

This incident underscores the ongoing challenge of striking a balance between public safety and animal rights in China.